Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Summer Shotgun Race!

Kelli and I came up with the PERFECT way to start out our family vacation - a race!!!  The first one we found in Jacksonville ended up being cancelled, but we lucked out and found one nearby in St. Augustine (and the distance was shorter - bonus for the two very pregnant sisters).  So we stayed in a hotel on Friday night that was very close to where the race was and were all set!!  Kristen and Chris had arrived late Friday night (they both claimed they had to work all day...I think they were avoiding the scene that we all caused by dressing up like cows...), so we all met downstairs at breakfast in the hotel lobby!  :)
 Fruit Loops - it MUST be vacation!
 If Jacob could live off of waffles and pancakes, he'd be all set - he LOVES them!
 The race was perfect.  It was on a golf course, and had a 4 mile option and a 2 mile option, as well as a kids fun run immediately following the 2 & 4 mile races.  The boys were SUPER excited to run in their first REAL race with David - they had been training since school got out and were ready to go!!!
 The Schrodt family racers!!!  David would have opted for the 4 mile run, but he was running with the boys so the 4 of us all were signed up for the 2 mile race.  Callie and Caleb would do the kids fun run after us. 
 Kelli and Joseph - ready to run!!!
 Kelli and I got MANY comments for sure - I mean, we were 8 & 9 months pregnant for goodness sake!!  We assured mom that we would be fine and take it very easy...and we did.  We ran a little bit at the start and then again at the finish - but that's it :).  Neither of us wanted to have a baby to start off vacation!
 Excited boys at the starting line.  David Oates was going to bandit the race....the Oates family decided they didn't want to join in, but I think David got sucked in by all the excitement...but hadn't signed up in time!
 Starting their watches...did I mention that the boys were excited :)
 After the finish - rehydrating!!!!  :)  They were SO excited - totally LOVED it!!
 Chatting with Kristen afterwards - she ran the 2 mile also (although WAY  in front of Kelli and I), and her husband Chris ran the 4 mile race along with Scott, Kelli's husband.
 Ummm...we do look pretty pregnant don't we?
 There was the finish line!
 The Deaton family - they both had a GREAT race!!
 The Oates did a great job cheering us all on!!
Here come the kids from the fun run - Callie's was 1/2 mile and Caleb's was 1/4 of a mile.  SO cute.
I had David stay with Callie - but she didn't really need him at all.  She was totally waving to people and giving them high-fives....while keeping a very focused, determined face - eyes straight ahead to the finish line :)
 See her?  Totally giving high-fives to all the cheering fans?  It was hysterical!
 Caleb, on the other hand, apparently burst into tears when David took off running with Callie.  Kristen and Kelli were there (they were running with Joseph), but he was sort of overwhelmed by the whole thing apparently.  
 Joseph and Kelli (he told her "I'm getting a little sweaty mommy!"
 See the fingers in the mouth?  That's Caleb's "a little bit overwhelmed, a little shy, a little nervous" face.  He was fine once he got to me and I ran him in to the finish.  He smiled and said "I ran some Mommy!"  :)

 Yep - everyone LOVES getting a medal!

 Waiting around for the awards ceremony - because this wasn't a HUGE race, we were certain that we might actually win some awards in our age categories!!  :)
 Kelli won 3rd in her age category - and got QUITE the applause when she stood up and people noticed she  was THE PREGNANT WOMAN!  :)
 David won 3rd in HIS age category....

 Kristen won 3rd in HER age category...and kicked me off the medal stand....

 Jacob won 2nd in HIS age category (under 14 in the 2 mile race)....
 YEP - he was STOKED!

 and Josiah won 1st in his age category (under 14 in the 2 mile run)!!!

 TOTALLY so excited!!

 Chris won 2nd in his age category in the 4 mile race...
 All my winners :)

It was SO much fun!!  The crowd thought we were hilarious - causing such a ruckus anytime someone else from our family won a medal - I know you can just picture it now :) It was SO much fun!

As if they hadn't had enough running, Joseph and Caleb ran off to the cars :)

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