Friday, July 13, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day!

For all of you that know me, you know we have had THIS day on our calendar for months and months!  Imagine our surprise when we found out that Cow Appreciation Day was the day were going to be heading to Florida for our vacation!!!  Did that stop us?  NO!  I immediately texted all my family for them to get their costumes ready - we were still going to hit Chick-fil-a...only they were going to be all over I95 instead of just here in our city!  :)

 We started out by having breakfast at our local Chick-fil-A before getting on the road to head south.  I really love their breakfast - yummy!!
 Caleb was super excited about his new sunglasses that I gave him for the trip - isn't he adorable?
 He has just discovered these little Bakugans that the boys have - little transformer ball things - he's fascinated by them.  Wanted about 10 of them in his lap at all times :)  Our kids are such great travellers - I'm so thankful!
 We picked Mom up at the Jacksonville airport - where she totally SHOCKED us with her AWESOME cow hat - and then headed to lunch at another Chick-fil-A!!  :)  Gave Mom an extra shirt that we had and headed in!  :)  (I will say that the Florida locations didn't seem to have nearly the amount of participation that we have in our little suburbia....I think Floridians must be too "put together" or "too cool" for it.... :)  We LOVED it - and Jacob won a bet that he really COULD eat all 4 chicken strips that he got with his adult combo meal - I was shocked!
 It was the day of freebies - after lunch, we got gas and headed to Starbucks for our free Refresher drink....Mom and Callie liked it, but the rest of us didn't care so much for it.  Too much green tea or something in it.  Good thing it was free!  :)

 Then we headed down the road a bit more for our hotel in St. Augustine.  We got ourselves checked in and swam in the pool for a little bit.  The Roads family joined us not too much later and we loved getting to swim for a bit.  Then it was time to head to dinner where the Oates family was going to meet us!!
Handing out cowbells and masks in the Chick-fil-A parking lot....again....
 Callie loved Tutu's hat that she brought 
 The calves - Caleb and Joseph
 Scott and Kelli had to do some last minute improvisation in the parking lot.  We joked as we were leaving the parking lot that "wouldn't it be funny if we got there and had left our cow costumes at the hotel?"  Well, we got to Chick-fil-A, and guess who had left their costumes at the hotel?  Yep - Scott did!  Thankfully, Kelli had her file folder with cow spots and ears in the car so they squeaked in with us :)
 Aren't we quite a herd?  I love it!

Kim's family arrived a few minutes after we did....but they didn't dress up.  I know.  Crazy right?  My kids still think it's the best - we probably saved $150 over the course of the day - ordered something different each meal - never got tired of chicken.  Told the employees every time how thankful we were for their company.  Never felt like the employees were annoyed with us - they are the BEST company!  What a fun way to kick off vacation!  :)

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Judy said...

You will probably understand this and I'm sure everyone else in the world would give me crazy looks....but Cow Appreciation Day is one of my favorite days of the summer. My kids LOVE it. So fun...such a great family time as we plan our outfits and get ready and enjoy eating out for FREE and then I don't have to clean up. Win! Win!