Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The tour!

Once we got home from vacation, I started to really feel like I needed to get a few of my ducks in a row to have this baby.  Vacation was on the calendar all summer and I kept thinking "I"ll take care of it after vacation...".  Well, now it's "after vacation" and that means it's almost time to have a baby!

I called the hospital this morning to find out about the kids doing a tour of the hospital nursery and a sibling class.  The nurse on the phone acted like I should have called months ago (oops!) but said they had a class that night if we could make it.  I said yes and called David to tell him to be home right on time!

It was a really cute class for siblings.  Went over alot of the baby basics - wash your hands, don't pick up the baby without permission, what to expect from your baby brother/sister, etc.  The boys were horrified and embarrassed when the video MENTIONED breastfeeding :).  Pretty funny.  Their favorite part though was getting to put on their "scrubs" for the hospital tour!  

 Pretty cute aren't they? : )

 Then the nurse gave them all a baby and taught them how to swaddle them :)  It was a good refresher for David and me too!
I guess we're ready now!  :)


anthonyandbeth said...

The kids will def remember all these fun preparations! So fun!

Judy said...

Wow that's a fun idea. I wonder if our hospital does classes for siblings.