Thursday, July 19, 2012

All-American Day

Starting the day off at the dock again :)

Caught a trout!

 I brought a new game to vacation - called Quirkle - that had been highly recommended by my friend Sandi - and Kelli and the kids opened it up to take a crack at it - and they loved it!  Super fun!
 Only on vacation can you have ice cream for an afternoon snack :)
 Quirkle - a very fun strategy game that kids of all ages can do!  :)  Another plus for us!

 I began noticing that my toes began looking like marshmallows this week....the swelling had begun!!  (And yes, contractions were picking up too but not interrupting the fun too much!!)
 Making silly faces :)
 Kelli giving out the instructions for our "annual taste test".  We do a different taste test every year - so fun!
 This year's taste test was chocolate chip cookies!
 Not a great picture, but you get the idea!  We had scratch Nestle Toll House, the Betty Crocker from a pouch mix, the Pillsbury slice & bake, scratch cookies with Ghiradelli chocolate chips, a chewy Keebler store bought cookie, and a Chips Ahoy cookie.  6 options!  YUM!
 Talk about the best afternoon snack ever!  :)
 Josiah took his taste test VERY seriously - not surprising!

 The discussion that ensued after the tasting was hilarious.  The overall winner?  The Pillsbury slice & bake - go figure!!  The Nestle Toll House was a close second :)
Enjoying a game of Catch Phrase...
 While some of us girls were working on preparing dinner, we sent the dads up the road with the little kids to visit the fire station :)
 Joseph (can you tell he's an only child right now?  There's his protective dad's arm right next to him :)  )

Isn't David the best?  Taking all these pictures without the wife there to remind him!  :)

 Working on peeling peaches (SC peaches!!) for our peach cobbler (with homemade vanilla ice cream) for dessert!
Kristen had to rescue a batman guy that got stuck on top of the ledge...

 Our All American feast was delicious - hamburgers, hot dogs, crockpot macaroni and cheese, ranch potato salad, YUM!!!  We all wore our flag shirts that Mom sends us every year for the 4th of July too in keeping with the theme!

 The boys were happy to discuss eschatology at night...and we were happy to stay in the kitchen while they did!

 These four were so funny.  They began playing "puppy" - they would tie the boogie boards to their ankles like a leash or walk around the pool holding the strap...over and over again.  All 4 of them - following each other.  It was a riot.

 A little Pictionary team whooped up on their team :)
 John and Luke helped Aunt Kelli put her dessert together to be ready for the next night.  That's pretty much how we lived - one meal to the next!  :)

i LOVE my family - and especially when we all match!! :)

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