Thursday, July 5, 2012

Callie's Date with Mom

Mom had told me at the beginning of her visit that she wanted to be able to take each of the kids out for some one-on-one time with her. 
 Callie had talked about her time with Mom all week - she LOVES this stuff and was SO looking forward to some girl time!!!
After a little shopping at Kohls, they ended their date at Starbucks - this is the picture Mom texted to me.  Love Callie's new sunglasses!  :)

It was fun for me hearing about each of the kids' time with Mom.  They are all SO different.  Picked out totally different things.  Some talked less (Josiah), others talked her ear off (Callie).  Interesting to hear the things they said (Jacob said he wouldn't mind being homeschooled (what?) and Callie emphatically refused to "let" Mom buy anything for the new baby while they were out shopping (interesting...).  They are all so very different and so different when they are one on one.  So thankful for my Mom and for the time she invested into each one of their hearts this week.  Precious time for all of them and I am thankful!


anthonyandbeth said...

She's a good tutu!!! I know they all loved their special time with her.

Judy said...

Your mom is so precious to create such special memories with your kids when she comes to visit!

sandi said...

just about the same personalities as ours... a few words (sam) singing and talking (meredith) talk your ear off (morgan). school is going to be a new world for little morgan who is my non-stop talker!