Sunday, July 22, 2012

A fun Sunday!

 David got to do his very first baptism on Sunday morning!  A guy he led to the Lord in his office just a few weeks back :)  So exciting to see people excited about following the Lord!

 No food in the house after vacation?  I decided we would kill two birds with one stone and go out to Hibachi for lunch after church (after all, on Sunday afternoons they have an early bird discount!) :).  It was still on our summer list and I was bound and determined to get everything crossed off!  :)

 My kids eat with chopsticks better than I do - I don't even bother trying anymore...
 This one LOVES it - eats the veggies, loves the shrimp...he's so fun.

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anthonyandbeth said...

Love that David got to Baptize someone! And lunch looks super yummy!