Sunday, July 1, 2012

Celebrating America!

On Saturday morning, I heard from Mom that she was doing fine, but that there had been some HUGE thunderstorms that had gone through her area during the night, leaving more than a million people without power and doing quite a bit of damage.  Thankfully, her power was on and she didn't have any damage to her house!  She had originally planned to come down to our house after church on Sunday afternoon, arriving late Sunday night.  But with the power out, her church services were changed to an acoustic set with just a guitar and some generators - leaving her free to come visit us a bit early!!  She set out early Sunday morning and arrived after the kids got up from rest time!!

We were so excited she arrived early and we got some extra time with her - and I was especially thrilled because this meant she could come with us to the Celebrate America concert at another church in town!  First Baptist Church of Columbia (a HUGE church) always does a huge patriotic concert - this was their 25th anniversary year!  I took the kids last year (David had a meeting at church so he missed it) and it was fantastic!  I knew Mom would love it too, so we all were able to go and enjoy it together this year!

Everyone loves to sing "I'm just a flag waving American!"  :)  It was a great way to kick off the week.  They did a tremendous job and great tribute to our nation's military that serve faithfully in protecting us and our freedoms that we have!


Judy said...

We know all about that crazy storm around here. Not fun!

sandi said...

aunt jane was without power for a nine days so she drove down for a visit with mom wied... much too hot to stay in a non-a/c house. and seriously, i somehow missed you posting all these new things.