Saturday, July 21, 2012

The last goodbyes...

It was after midnight...I had already gone to bed and was folding the last of our clean laundry to pack away, when Jacob came bounding into my room holding...

 ...his tooth!!!  It had been loose for a few weeks but hadn't wanted anyone to mess with it.  He had wiggled it earlier in the week and someone made the comment that he should try and pull it while on vacation - the tooth fairy may bring extra money (or should I say "tooth fairIES" ).  He was SO excited when he pulled it that night!!  :)
 I quickly sent a text message to the other "tooth fairies" to let them know since they had opened their big mouths and told him about the extra bonus vacation money :)
 This is how I found Jacob in the morning - he didn't quite make it all night :)
...and here's John
Luke and Josiah were WIDE-EYED and bushy tailed!!!  Josiah was SO excited that he made it all night and he said he wasn't tired ONE bit!!!
 Let the packing of the vans begin!

Came back inside to discover Josiah totally passed out!!!
 There's Luke and Jacob too....some tired boys after all :)

Trying to line up all the grandkids for one more picture...
A little difficult to find a spot for all 9 of them...and one of them (Josiah) was a total zombie!!!!

 See Josiah?  Eyes open and body upright, but still totally asleep I'm telling you!!!  :)  Hilarious.
 The brothers-in law
They really are troopers to put up with us girls!!!  But we are the funnest family :)
 My sisters and I (standing in birth order!!)
Kim, Kelli, Katy, Kristen

And our Mom!  :)
What an awesome week - can't wait until next year!!!  :)
(PS - we made it through vacation without either one of us going into labor!! Success!!)

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anthonyandbeth said...

Looks like it was a fabulous vacation! Vacation is the best!