Sunday, July 15, 2012

We're Here!!!

It really was SO fun to start our vacation off with the race on Saturday morning!  Plus it allowed us all to do our big driving days on Friday, so Saturday was just fun stuff before we checked into our house.  It was very exciting to wake up on Sunday morning and really START our week!  Sunday morning was the only day that we had "required attendance" at breakfast - and that was because we had the Maxfield Bible Church service that morning :)

 The 4 little ones sat up at the bar counter most of the week and they LOVED it!  :)  It was their spot!
 Froot Loops - ahhh....gotta love vacation!

 Working on breakfast number #2 - we had pancakes, eggs, fruit, bacon - it was delish!
 They put Mary to work right away building a fantastic train track...
The big boys broke in the pool table and foosball table right away as well!

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