Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girl Time!

After some fun at the beach, we came home for lunch and naps.  Kelli and I got our little guys down for naps, and the girls headed out for some girl time!!  Even Callie got to come with us!  :)

 Mom, Kim, Mary, Kelli, Katy, Kristen, and Callie
 We took Mom for her first pedicure several years back....I think when Kristen graduated from college maybe?  She went kicking and screaming and now LOVES it (who doesn't?) It's become a bit of a tradition now every time we are all together!
 Callie was SO excited to get her toes painted too!
 She was totally riveted - did not hardly say a word - but would BEAM this huge smile every time I asked her a question about it!  :)

 Callie's little teeny toes :)

Lovely ladies!

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