Saturday, July 14, 2012

Arriving and Checking the Place Out!

Our house was across the water so we could either drive ALL the way around the island, or take this fun ferry right across!  We opted for the ferry on the first day - it was so FUN (and a bit freaky, I won't lie!)

 Everyone gets out of the car (probably not everyone...but at least us tourists did!) and enjoys the view for the 5 minute ride!

 We arrived at the house and it didn't take long for the first game of pool to begin!
 the view from the back deck - there's our dock!
 Our pool - i think it's almost as necessary as a good kitchen on vacation!
 We had a fake little beachfront down by the dock

 A hammock :)

 The pregnant vacation directors patting ourselves on the back - we picked an other good house Kell!!
 Enjoying a snack - we decided this was where this little 4-pack would eat for the week.  They loved it at the counter!