Friday, July 6, 2012

Saying Mom AND my hair!!

 The only good thing about saying goodbye to Mom this morning was also being able to say "see you next Friday!!!"  Goodbyes are much easier to say when you have the next date on the calendar when you will see them next!  And since we all meet next week in Jacksonville for our big family vacation, it made it much easier!  :)
 I LOVE my Mom and am so thankful.  Even though she worries to death about me and I'm sure the noise and chaos of my 4 crazy kids makes her nuts sometimes, she brings calm and relax-ness (not a word, I know...) to me when she visits.  She knows my kids.  I mean KNOWS them!  Loves them.  And they absolutely adore her!

(Remember this picture of my hair - it will serve as my BEFORE picture!)
 The 3 kids on the left are each holding the new toy that Mom got them from their "dates".  Caleb has a new monkey named "Lucky", Callie has a Barbie named "Miss South Carolina" (she looked like the one from the parade we saw!!), and Jacob has a penguin named "Happy".  None of them have been apart since Mom bought them....attached at the hip to their new "friends".  Josiah is wearing one of his new shirts that Mom got him - man are they lucky kids or what!!

I had an OB appointment later that morning and everything was great!  Doctor said all my numbers look great and he is thrilled with the baby and where I'm at.  Strong heartbeat, lots of kicking going on, and even said "You've got a good-sized lamb chop in there!".  No kidding.  I don't have 5 lb. babies!!!  And I am thankful!  :)  I go back next Thursday for my 36 week check (even though I'll only be 35.5 weeks) because I'll be gone on vacation the following week.  But I didn't get in trouble for travelling so close to my due date so I was relieved about that.  I mean, I've been late 4 times.  I am NOT expecting that to change with this one!!  After my appointment, I enjoyed some quiet time by myself at Target getting a few birthday gifts and some things for the trip and then headed to the salon!!!  Time for a haircut!!!  My hair has been growing and growing since my last real haircut on my birthday (December!).  Sometime in the spring, I decided that I may as well keep growing it out so that I could donate it.  I had never done that before but thought it would be fun.  It's been driving me nuts lately and I was so relieved when it finally got to that 8 inch mark.  Long hair - especially when 110 degrees and pregnant - is not fun!  :)
And then it was all gone!  Hooray!!  Off to Locks of Love!!

Love my new haircut.  May never look this cute again, since I'm not nearly as coordianted with a blow dryer as the hair stylist, but it feels so good to have all that weight gone!  :)


anthonyandbeth said...

I love love love your haircut!!! Your mom is awesome! :)

Judy said...

Katy....I love your haircut!!! It's so cute and so YOU!!!! You are brave. I've never gotten that much hair cut off at a time!

Courtney said...

yay for moms!
and LOVE your hair!!!

sandi said...

love the new hair cut! i don't know how i missed your new posts. your mom looks as beautiful as ever ~ such a sweet lady. have fun on your family vacation and try to relax (ha!) because the next event is the newest baby schrodt. can't wait to hear the name and gender.