Sunday, July 15, 2012

Enjoying our Sabbath

The rest of our day was pretty low key - just relaxing and enjoying the house, each other, swimming in the pool in the backyard - talk about relaxing!!!
 The boys found this huge innertube in the garage.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince them it was really only for the lake and would be too dangerous in the pool.  They (and the dads) were not convinced, and "Big Bertha" quickly became the favorite pool entertainment!

 Reading with our doctoral candidate, Aunt Kelli :)

 Checking out the dock
 Joe taught Caleb how to use the Nook :)

 The little boys checking out the pool table

 Callie and Matthew finally got a chance to play on Big Bertha - without the crazy big boys on it! :)

Later, when I asked Caleb what his "high" of the day was, he said "fighting with the guy in the blue shirt" :).  That would be Uncle Chris! :)
 The littles enjoyed this water feature that was in our "courtyard"
 Chris and David taking advantage of actually getting to play with Wii - the big boys must have been in the pool!  :)
 Aunt Kelli reading to the littles...

 Kim and David getting VERY serious about our Cranium game...

 The Schrodts were in charge of dinner that night - so it was Mexican night!!  We had tacos - both shredded chicken and ground beef, all the fixings, the BEST cornbread, homemade salsa (thanks to Mary & Tutu), my "famous" bean dip, South of the Border corn dip, and Tres Leches cake for dessert - it was a feast!  The boys were great helpers when we were cooking everything too :)
 The kitchen was nice and big - good thing because trying to get 18 people fed is no easy task!

This is where the big boys ate most every meal - up on the 3rd floor deck outside!  :)

It's not a bad view to dine by!!!
 Kim & Mary in their matchy matchy tshirts from church! (I know - Mary is gorgeous.  She's only going to be a freshman this year too!  Get ready Kim & David!!!)

Scott's face in this one cracks me up - poor guy was squashed by the two pregnant sisters....
We settled in on the couch to enjoy "Food Network Star" - at least all the girls did!  :)  A great way to end a wonderful relaxing Sunday!

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