Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Beach!

A few got up early to try their hand at fishing from our dock...

 Jacob and John were the two kids that ALWAYS wanted to be out fishing with Uncle Chris - they totally loved it!

After breakfast, we headed back out to the beach.  It was only about a mile down the road, and the cool thing was that we could drive RIGHT on to the beach and park!  You talk about CONVENIENT when you have a million kids and all their stuff!  :)  It was awesome!!  

There's something about this sweet girl at the beach - she's a totally different kid. 
 Didn't really want me to take her picture...but I couldn't help myself.  
 There's nothing sweeter than writing love letters in the sand :)
 Caleb and Matthew working on....who knows...collecting shells maybe :)
 Boogie boarding...their shirts from the race worked well as rash guards :)
Light sabre battles with Luke 

 So back to this sweet girl.  Loves the water.  Totally content to be by herself (not at all usually like her...she LOVES people and LOVES to be with people ALL of the time).  But at the beach, she could play happily and QUIETLY (again, not at ALL like her) for EVER!!  I was captivated by just watching her.

 See what I mean about not really wanting her picture taken?  She's a hoot.

 Nothing like a little girl in her new pink ruffly bathing suit and a spiderman tattoo on her arm :)

 Belly shot - 36 Weeks!

 Hmm...pidgeons...wonder what they would do if I threw them some goldfish?
John even caught a blue crab!!

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Judy said...

Such sweet pictures of Callie!

Love the belly shot!