Friday, July 20, 2012

Surfing, Slings, and Seafood!

 The little 4-pack must have been having a morning meeting..
 Let the surfing begin!!

 Josiah, Callie, me, Caleb, and Kristen
 We sat this way for quite a while.  Sometimes quiet.  Sometimes talking. I just love the beach.
 Kelli was positioned out in the water to get good surfing pictures :)  She got GREAT ones too, so we'll have to wait to see hers....

 The beach babes!!
Katy, Kim, Mom, Kristen, and Kelli

 Uncle Chris

 YES!  "I was up - did you see it? - and get the picture?"
 There's Callie...playing at the foot of the lifeguard chair....
 Uncle David


 Kelli took Joseph and Caleb out for some water action...I was still trying to capture some surfing pictures...

 There's David - up again!!  Way to go!
 And again!! Finally got the hang of it!  :)

 I should have bought the boys rash guards before our trip ut didn't.  We discovered that their race shirts worked pretty well though :)  They LOVED surfing and were SO good at it!

 "Hey dad!  I saw you surfing!"
 "Hey dad! I saw YOU surfing too!"

The surfing boys! 

 The little beach boys :)

 There are so many feet in the Schrodt family that they almost don't all fit in one picture!  :)  All 12 feet are in there though!  :)
 The Roads family at the beach!

 I knew when we got to the beach that morning that I needed to get a family picture of all of us.  I even thought "I should have someone take it now...before every one is melting down..." but I didn't.  Every one scurried off to play.  And so these are the pictures I am left with.  Sigh.  

 We had a few write-ins that we noticed...John added "grilled trout" to the menu for dinner that night (since he caught some that morning!!!) and Josiah added "all-nighter" to the "activities" section since he and the cousins were planning to stay up all night!  :)
 I made homemade Milky Way ice cream for dessert and I had several very willing helpers that were happy to unwrap (and sample!) a few Milky Way candy bars :)
 Luke and Caleb were in charge of smashing them up!

 Kristen came inside at this point and said David was stressing her out climbing all over the boat dock...
...I can't imagine why that was making her nervous....  :)

 Let the "pushing in" begin :)
 I can do better than that - i'll THROW you in!

 Kelli and Scott were in charge of dinner tonight - and they did a seafood feast!! Fresh shrimp, crab dip, grilled clams - it was amazing!
 Matthew got back from his exciting afternoon adventure - after we all got home from the beach, he fell out of his bunk bed and broke his collarbone!  Off to the ER for him...he was quite a trooper though!  (And we were at least thankful it was not an arm or leg which would have been so much worse...and glad it didn't happen at the beginning of vacation where he would have been kept from doing so many of the fun things!)
 Aunt Kelli - the seafood expert - teaching a very eager Josiah how to peel and eat shrimp

Callie loved the clams too...
 Even Jacob tried it - I was shocked!
 He didn't ask for anymore, but I was thrilled he tried it!!  Josiah gobbled it all up - he couldn't get enough :)

 Mom and a mentally/emotionally drained Kim talking about the ER trip for Matthew :(
 We had a small "issue" with the grill outside (it caught fire....) so Scott had to change gears and cook his mahi and veggies inside.  It's never good when someone comes running in the house asking for the fire extinguisher!  :)

 The 4 pack checking out Matthew's hurt arm
 John's grilled trout was delicious!!
By the end of the night, Kelli and I were always SO hot.  There was one vent near the kitchen that blew out cold air REALLY well - Kelli and I "found" it and it felt SO good!  (and don't you love how we are dressed like twinkies!)
Last few hours of fishing...
Time for the allnighter fun to begin - Tutu brought the waterproof glowsticks, so let the fun begin!

We had one last BIG game of Killer UNO - crowned a new champ - until next year!!!  We said goodnight to the cousins....they were SO excited about their all-nighter!  :)  Crazy kids!

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