Tuesday, July 10, 2012

EdVenture Family Night

Once a month, our children's museum stays open for a few hours in the evening and you can get in for $1 per person (instead of the normal $11.50 admission price! Yikes!).  Tonight was the night, it was on our summer list, so we braced ourselves for the crowds we knew would await us and headed out!  :)

 Eddie is the first thing you see when you walk in - this GIANT boy and you can crawl all through him and see the insides of his body, go on slides, climb all over a playground thing inside - it's nuts.  Me?  I sat on a bench at the end of the slide to meet my kids while making David do all that "fun" stuff...
 Planting some veggies...Jamie Oliver would be proud...she actually knew what they were all called...
 ...still wishing we had a few chickens in our backyard with all the eggs we eat!
 These gear things would have kept my boys busy forever!
 David trying to explain to them how they actually work.  I should have listened...
 Ignore the girl in the middle - I waited and waited for her to move but she would not!  Just focus on my two cuties working together to change a tower!
 Realizing the importance of a keystone arch :)
 What boy doesn't love a toy jackhammer?
 I can totally see it!

 Oral hygiene is a must...

 They had this cool little science lab class that you could sign up for a reserve a spot...I lucked out and was able to sign the boys up for it.  They were so excited!  They were talking about genes and DNA.
 Making a double helix DNA model out of twizzlers, toothpicks, and gummy bears :)

 While I was in the science lab class with the older two, David took the younger two to the grocery store...what Callie had been waiting for ALL night!!  They LOVED it!!  And they are experts after all - they go with me every week!  :)

It was a really fun night.  Very crowded, but we were glad we got there as soon as the doors opened so we could leave when we were done!  I felt less stressed than when we went last year - maybe because David was with me this year, maybe because the kids were older this year and did a GREAT job at paying attention to where I was and staying with me.  It was fun - and we got another thing checked off our list!

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Judy said...

Our children's museum is so lame. Nothing at all like yours, but we should probably go at some point just so McKenna will have the experience.