Monday, July 9, 2012

The Blowfish Game...Take 2!

Since our first attempt at seeing the Blowfish play baseball was rained out, we attempted it again.  Our tickets were still good from when we tried before, so we headed out with high hopes.

 We arrived with plenty of seating options - not a very crowded night :)

 It started to rain slightly just as the game began.  We got through an inning or two before the rain picked up. We moved our seats to behind home plate where we were sitting under an overhang.  The kids decided they wanted to sit closer (and as you can see, had plenty of seats to choose from).  :)  After another inning or two, the rain picked up and the thunder and lightning began.  They called the game for a 30 minute rain delay....
...and we headed to Sonic for ice cream cones.  The boys made us come back to the stadium 30 minutes later "just to check and see if the game was back on", but the storms continued and the game was called.  The ice cream seemed to help pacify the disappointed boys and at least we got to see almost half a game this time!  :)

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