Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blueberry Picking!

It was HOT this week.  Like, 110 degrees hot (literally).  We stayed inside in the AC or in the pool most of the time.  We did decide to venture out on Tuesday morning as early as possible so we could take Mom & David with us to get some fresh blueberries!  The kids and I have gone picking for the last few years, but David is always at work and Mom has NEVER been!  Since I knew we needed some to make our flag cake later that night, it was the perfect outing for us that morning!  :)

 Getting our instructions from the farmer.  He told us picking conditions weren't that great because of the extreme heat and the hailstorm that we had on Sunday night (!).  

 There were plenty!!  When we have gone in the past, you literally could stand in one spot and fill your whole bucket.  It was not that way today, but still had plenty of great ones -and they just taste SO good fresh picked!!!  My kids don't even really like the ones from the store, but they LOVE the ones from the farm!

 Mom was astounded - it was her first blueberry picking experience!

 Belly shot - 34 weeks pregnant!!

 Can you tell by the lens fogging up how hot and humid it was getting?  Time to go home and swim!!
 David's shadow - proving he was there :)

Got three pounds of blueberries for $3 - can't beat that!!!


Judy said...

Wow. That's a lot of blueberries, but I'm sure they'll get eaten!

sandi said...

we eat so many blueberries around here ~ that's a great price. but it sure does look hot!