Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adventure Island!

Most every morning we would wake up to the sound of pool sticks and breaking balls :)

 Found this picture when I downloaded pics from David's camera - yuck!  Apparently this little guy was on the window sill of our courtyard - outside thankfully!!
Riding the ferry over for our waterpark day!

Kelli and I had found a fabulous fun outing for all of us to do on Wednesday.  It was called Adventure Landing and had a waterpark as well as some fun games and things.  We qualified for the group rate (there are SO many of us), so we all got our wristbands and headed in!  It was perfect - there was stuff for EVERYONE to enjoy!!
 Mary got to enjoy some r&r...
 All kinds of different water slides.  Caleb LOVED them!!  They would whistle down and the guard would wait for him at the bottom to help catch him.  He thought that was pretty funny!

 Callie must have done them a million times too!

 She and Matthew would come down, then run back up and do it all again.  Over and over and over.  Kristen hung out at the bottom and would wave to them and then send them back up!  Pretty perfect!
 The Lazy River - Mom's favorite!  
 Kristen and Mom
 Luke and Josiah - these two were paired up most of the day.  The park was the perfect size - big enough to have lots to do and no one got bored, but small enough that it was easy enough to find each other without feeling like you had to keep everyone attached in one big group (like you would at Disney).  It was great.  We could send the big boys off to do some of the slides and know we could find them again!

 This was the craziest water slide.  Sort of insane really.  We saw it when we arrived at the park and it quickly became the dividing line between who would and would not do it.   It was sort of like a half-pipe of sorts...Here's David Oates!

 There goes John!  It was really scary watching the kids - they were so light they would totally fly!!!

 Caleb and Joseph - happy spectators
 My crazy David - going down backwards!!!  Nuts!

 Here comes Uncle Scott!!!  Couldn't believe it - the kids totally goaded him into it...he's scared of heights so I'm not sure what in the world he was thinking!!

 He survived - and was all smiles - but did NOT do it again!  :)
 Kim and Matthew
 The Roads family on the Lazy River
 David and Caleb
 Uncle David and Jacob
 Caleb and Aunt Kristen
 David, Jacob, and John headed up for another slide
 The happy family (oh wait - Caleb's not their kid!)  :)
 This was a slide with a double tube - and it emptied out into the Lazy River - it was a favorite!  (Click on the pic to see Jacob's face!)
 David and Jacob
We were rounding everyone up to go get changed and do some of the other rides and Uncle Chris had to round this one up - she kept escaping and we'd find her back on another waterslide!!
We headed inside for Laser Tag!!!
The spectators...

My boys LOVED it - the group got VERY in to it (if you can tell from looking at David's face...) and had a blast!
Then we headed out for go-karts...
 The pregnant sisters....who were relegated to taking pictures...couldn't do any of this fun stuff!  :)
 Drivers...start your engines!!!
 Our family is just a tad competitive...there was lots of trash talking while revving the engines...
... and they are off!!  There goes Luke!
 David and Caleb (I couldn't believe he was tall enough to ride - he loved it though!)
 Scott and Joseph

 Uncle David and Matthew

 Here comes Josiah!!
 Uh oh - Uncle Chris is after you!

 Jacob wasn't quite tall enough to drive his own car so he was paired up with Aunt Kristen...she said she tried to drive as aggressively as possible so he didn't feel jipped!  :)

 At the very end, David and Caleb edged out Uncle David and Matthew!!!
 Callie rode with Mary - not sure she knew what to think either :)
 At about this point, I started hoping that Jacob wouldn't throw up all over Kristen.  He is my kid that gets car sick...and they just kept going around and around and around...he never did though!  :) Phew!

The little kids got to ride a kiddie coaster :) (Thanks Uncle David for riding with Caleb...again, the pregnant woman not allowed...)

 Lastly, we played a round of mini golf - I love mini golf!!!  We had to split into 3 groups.  Our group was me, Aunt Kelli, Uncle Scott, and these two cute boys (joe and caleb)
Scott working on Joe's form :)
David's group included Jacob, Josiah, and Luke

These two boys were hilarious.  Caleb was a natural - is there any sport he's not just naturally good at?  Joseph cheered for all of us like we won the Masters every time we got the ball in the hole - it was great!  :)

 The big kids did one more round of laser tag while the little ones puttered around the arcade for a bit...everyone loves a little Skee Ball...

 The Deatons were in charge of dinner for Wednesday night and they continued their annual tradition of KFC!!  We stopped at one on the way home and they scored with not even having to do dishes!  :)  It was great!

 When we got home, my sisters and Mom and I were all sitting around the table and realized that we had a few presents to exchange.  I had brought Kelli and Kristen's birthday presents and when I came back to the table, this is what it looked like!!  Between birthday presents and gifts for our baby and Kelli's baby, it was a full blown party!  :)
 I had gotten Kelli some matching bathing suits and hats for her boys to wear next summer.   Everyone knows how I LOVE matchy matchy!!!  Joe and Sam will be SO cute together!
We looked up from our impromptu party and the brothers-in-law were all standing at the fridge checking out our "schedule" - the one they mocked us for posting,.  It was so funny!  :)  You can laugh all you want, but everyone loved that schedule - it had our activities, food and menu items - it was great!  :)  (Josiah REALLY loved having all the food posted - he loved knowing what every meal was consisting of!  :)  )

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