Sunday, July 15, 2012

Maxfield Bible Church

I really am so thankful for my family.  When I look at pictures like these, I realize how blessed we are and do not take it for granted for a second.  We four sisters are all so close.  We are all very different - VERY different.  Our families all look different.  We do things differently.  We live in four very different cities, have different jobs, different schedules.  We married four VERY different men. Have kids with different personalities.  And yet we all love Jesus.  Our husbands love Jesus.  Our families are all striving to do the best we can to raise our children to love and serve Jesus wholeheartedly.  And THAT is a treasure.

We decided to have church out on our deck - so here was part of the congregation :)

 Here's the youth group :)
My David led us in worship first....I mean, how can you not look at this view and be astounded at the creation that our Creator God has created for us!  Awesome!
 Kim's David taught from the Word - our sermon that morning was about Joshua and what battles we face - we even marched around the pool for our visual illustration of how he marched around Jericho (the Schrodts were on the front lines just like how they put the worship leaders up front! :)  )
After the service, Tutu said she had a gift for all the visiting children at church that morning!  They all got Tervis Tumbler Water Bottles - each with their own personalization on it (Josiah's had Gamecocks, Jacob's was baseball, Callie's was cinderella, and Caleb's was soccer - how perfect is that?)  It was a VERY special Sunday morning.

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