Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flag Cake and Fireworks!

 Caleb LOVES these little puzzles these days.  He has graduated from the wooden ones to the "big boy" puzzles now and totally loves them.  He has this one and a Lightning McQueen one - and he calls them "his boy puzzles"....meaning Callie can't touch them!  :)  Tutu was astounded that he could name all of these superhero guys!  :)
 Had some help from two of my favorite soux chefs to start work on our Flag Cake!  Jacob got to slice the strawberries!  :)
 Making sure the frosting is just right...

 Time to decorate!!

 The finished product!  (Josiah was bothered by the fact that there were not actually 50 blueberries/stars or 13 proper stripes like the REAL flag....)
 After we served up dessert that night, Callie had already been excused.  I turned around from the table to notice her in the kitchen licking her fingers.....I immediately knew and went to look at the cake - yep.  She ate most of the remaining "stripes" off our flag!!  Sigh.  Even with all that strawberry picking that we did in the spring, THIS is why I didn't get a single strawberry into the freezer this year.  My kids ate them ALL!!!
 We headed outside to the court for David to put on his pyrotechnic show.  It didn't take long for a crowd of neighbors to join us in the fun!  We love this tradition!
 The peanut gallery :)

Caleb loved sparklers!  He got to do them at New Year's Eve for the first time and had a ball!  This was the first 4th of July that he's been awake for and he had a great time!!

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Love the fireworks!!!