Monday, May 18, 2009

The UP side to moving... that it forces you to clean out and get organized! I'm a somewhat organized person, but still have my "areas" that aren't so much. Well, moving has a way of forcing you to deal with it...because I refuse to just MOVE piles of junk from one house to another. It probably also helps that I'm 7 months pregnant - maybe the "nesting" instinct is combining with moving, because I took 4 bags of stuff to goodwill today - and had just put out a bag last week when they came to pick up!! It's such a good feeling!

I just finished going through all the stuff on my desk, and clearing out some of my files. You know, pulling paperwork for appliances that are staying here to leave for the new owners, etc. I've even already gotten mail for them to put aside! I found a pile of pictures from 2007 that I had printed out but not put in albums yet that I just got all organized to try and get that done once we've moved out and are in our "temporary living assignment" before we head to SC. So things are happening! The pictures were hilarious - Callie was a brand new baby - just a few months old. Jacob LOOKED like such a baby to me - he was only 2 - the same age that Callie is now!! It was so funny to see how young the kids were. And how FAT I was! Goodness gracious!

Tomorrow's my last day to finish packing things up before my quick trip to SC for my doctor's appointment. My neighbors gave me a going-away party tonight that was really sweet. We were so thrilled when we moved onto this court to see all the families and great kids that we were surrounded by. I'll have to get the pictures that they took tonight - it was really fun. So things are happening around here! :)

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Jen said...

You're right, that is a very big perk to moving. I always love the unpacking at the new place too, and feeling organized for a couple of months. Then, it just starts going downhill from there. At least you'll have plenty of room to spread out down there!