Saturday, May 2, 2009

Boys need to run!

These weekend trips to visit David are SO all of us. We look forward to them and count every sleep leading up to them. But I won't lie. They are hard. Mainly because we are all so desperate for as much time with him as we can possibly get, and yet kids still have to sleep! So we get off our normal schedules, which totally messes up the kids, which in turn is extra exhausting on the parents. Plus, it's not as if we haven't had anything else on our agendas during these OB visits and buying a house!!! Hotels are fun, except when there's 5 of you all staying together in one room! So by Saturday morning, we just needed to relax and let the kids run a little bit without much else of an agenda.

The last visit we made, we bought a family pass to the zoo/botanical gardens, so we decided to head back there on Saturday morning. We started out on the garden side this time, and ran around and explored some of the hiking trails first. It was JUST what we all needed. Then we popped over to the zoo side just to see a few animals before heading back to the hotel for naps. It was nice knowing that we didn't have to push to see made for a much more relaxing time for all of us!

Callie looked a little concerned that they had climbed up on that big rock they were standing on!
These boys and their poses! I don't know what to do with them!

They've even got Callie into it. I think this is her "star wars" face they've taught her...

One of their favorite things is riding the "train" (really an expanded golf cart thing) from the zoo side to the garden side. They just love it! And I love that it's free and we don't have to WALK all the way back to the parking lot!


Courtney said...

cute family pic!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

your hair looks red in that last pic! have you been putting color in it? so glad y'all could have a sort of "normal" day. :)