Friday, May 22, 2009

6 months ago today...

....this journey really began for us. Probably sooner than that, but we didn't know any different. 6 months ago today, we were told that the Kinetic service was going to be cancelled. This was the worship service that David had led for 4 years. We started from nothing, and it grew to be an amazing family of a couple of hundred worshippers. Meeting every Sunday. Sitting in the same chairs each week oftentimes. Just coming together to see Worship in Action - after all, that's where the name "kinetic" came from. I remember clearly standing in the kitchen 6 months ago today when David told me the news. Not completely shocked. Not falling apart. Not stressing out about "what in the world are we going to do now?" Not angry. (Well, okay, maybe a little bit). A lot sad. And a lot at peace.

Now, at the very core of my nature, is a worrier. I do NOT have an easy time with faith. Especially when it comes to something that tangibly affects my husband or my children. Faith comes very easily to David. But not me. So when David told me the news, I should have been completely shaken and stressed out. Especially because I had also just found out that DAY that I was expecting Baby #4. Something that we had hoped would happen a few months earlier, but God had other reasons for making us wait! But I was totally overcome with peace. I remember David and I clearly stating that, although we did not understand what God was doing in this situation, He was clearly at work at something bigger than what we could understand. We said then that this was going to be a situation used for His glory. That this would not shake our faith or our family. And that above all, we would be able to look back and testify to God's goodness and faithfulness in the midst of trials.

So here we are. 6 months later TO THE DAY. And we are testifying to God's goodness and faithfulness. I have learned to trust Him with more details of my life than I ever was willing to give up before. Because I had no answers. I had NO idea how it was going to work out. No idea how bills would be paid. No idea what David would do for work. No idea how I was going to have a baby when our insurance would be ending before the due date. And yet, God clothed me in His peace.

Less than 1 month after we got the news, a church in SC started talking with David. We went down for the first interview shorthly after Christmas. We were shocked - and almost caught off guard - with how clearly we saw God directing our steps there. In March, David was offered the position as Pastor of Worship & Arts at Northside. His first Sunday leading worship was Easter Sunday. And now we are preparing to move the rest of the family there to join Him in ministry.

How good God is. If you are blog followers, then you've been on this crazy, amazing journey with me. You've heard me whine about how annoying & hard it was to keep the house clean and in "ready-to-show" condition with 3 small children at home. You've heard the exhaustion in my voice as I battled through nausea and exhaustion with this pregnancy, without David to help. And you've heard me talk about how much I miss my best friend. My partner. My supporter. My kid's daddy. And my husband. But hopefully in the midst of all of that, you've also heard me testify to God's faithfulness. That He never ONCE let me down. Never once dropped the ball. On the contrary. He has orchestrated EVERY detail of this journey - better than I could have even asked or imagined. Truly.

I think I could go on and on. Feeling a bit emotional - can you tell? :) It's probably good for your sakes that it's after midnight and I have a very full day tomorrow, or I could continue on for quite some time. I'm actually a bit relieved. Tomorrow the packers come to box everything up. I just got home from a quick, 24 hour trip to SC for an OB appointment and for David and I to sign closing papers for the 2 closings next week. But the moving process has begun! In 2 weeks, we'll all be together again. David is LOVING his new job and the people he is working with and serving. My kids and happy and healthy. I am surrounded by precious friends who have truly laid down their lives for me to take my kids in while I'm busy with movers and packers. I know it's not easy. They are busy too - and yet are taking time out to love on my kids so I can get done what I have to with the movers. And our faith is stronger. We have been on an amazing journey these last 6 months. God never ceases to amaze me. How GOOD He is. How faithful He is. How much He loves us and CARES for us - cares even about the smallest details.

So we're rejoicing over here. Hopefully this will give you a little something to chew on for the next 2 weeks while I'm offline. But know that we are celebrating God's goodness to us and are SO thankful for the work that He continues in us. I'll be back up by the first week in June once my computer is plugged in at the new house!!! I love you guys - thanks for walking alongside of me in this journey!!!


The Stein Family said...

Have a safe trip! Gonna miss checking in with you the next couple weeks.

Courtney said...

what a road you've been on! and He has held you in His hand the whole time. i love that you can see it and feel it...sometimes it takes awhile...but you have felt it the whole time! i love you and am thinking about you!!

Heather J said...

Best wishes friend!!! I know we'll be chattin' soon. God is soooo good!!!

Judy said...

And I'm rejoicing with you guys as you continue to bask in God's faithfulness. I can't wait to hear all about the next step in this journey in two weeks!

anthonyandbeth said...

it's been so exciting to see this journey God has you on and how He's provided each and every need! He's been so good and we can't express how excited we are for you and the next phase of seeing all that HE has for you and your family! God is good! it's been wonderful to watch you trust Him! it's been so exciting to see Him provide so quickly and so perfectly!

can't wait till you're hooked up again! :) i'll miss your posts and comments!