Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Empty House

Well, it's done. The movers have officially packed everything up. Katy just finished cleaning the house. She was thankful to have vacuumed the house and still get the vacuum on the truck. One less thing that we have to transport in the van! I asked her if she was feeling emotional about leaving the house. She said nope! I think she's just so tired and ready to be done with this whole process that she isn't really thinking about it. Of course we've had many fond memories in that house. I definitely am more sad about moving from that house than any other that we have lived in. But . . . we have many years ahead of us in our new house!

Tonight Katy and the kids begin sleeping over at the Judd's old house. I told her to be sure to get some books, as there won't be a TV! Perhaps this will force her to go to bed earlier and get the much needed rest!

Down here in SC I just sang at my second funeral. Haven't done a wedding yet. This Sunday we are doing a ministry fair after church and I'm hoping to get a lot of people to commit to serve in the Worship and Arts ministry.

BTW . . . I tried the BBQ and it doesn't even compare to Memphis style! But I have learned a thing or two. I knew that Texas and Memphis BBQ is ketchup based, and that North Carolina is mostly vinegar based. What I didn't know is that in SC, the BBQ is mustard based! Well, I did prefer it over the NC variety, but it's just not Memphis!

Another thing! (don't you love how I post everything in one blog instead of several different ones?) I watched the movie Taken last night. It's about this Albanian prostitution ring who kidnaps this man's daughter and he tracks them all down and unleashes a father's fury on them to get her back. Very intense and highly recommended! Especially for you fathers out there with daughters.


the mccollums... said...

Great post, David. WOW, I'm impressed at your commitment to the blog these last few days...don't know if I could get my husband to write on ours--I mean mine! :) Hope to see Katy before we leave for Africa as you all are only an hour and a half from Charlotte (or so). You and Katy make a great team with all these house stuff!

Erica said...

You are doing a grand job of keeping up the blogging side of the Schrodt family! We are praying you through this move. Love to all!

anthonyandbeth said...

i love that your blogging! we usually enjoy your tv/movie suggestions so i'll keep that one in mind!

anthony could get into some major BBQ debates...he's a NC BBQ fan. :)