Friday, May 15, 2009

The MOST helpful day!

Friday morning, Josiah came into my room to say good morning and was QUITE surprised to see David there!!! He ran over and gave him the LONGEST hug I've ever seen him give! I think he was quite overwhelmed emotionally. He's just like me in that way....more introspective with his emotions, but when it's at it's limit, you know it! He was teary, and just SO glad to see David there! Jacob woke up a bit later and didn't leave David's lap for quite some time. When David heard Callie starting to stir, he went straight in to get her. She just stared at his face and pointed at him, saying "Daddy! Daddy!" It was very precious.

We had eggs and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then it was time to get ready to take Josiah to school. For the first time ALL YEAR, he said he didn't want to go to school. Poor thing - he just didn't want to leave David's side! This spoke volumes, because Friday is his FAVORITE day of school - it's show & tell AND Art day. I reassured him that we'd all come pick him up and that he and David would get to do some special things together while the little ones were napping.
After we got back from taking Josiah to school, David started his work!! He told me he'd mow and edge the yard (since closing is next week, it was the LAST time we had to do it!!!), so I just sat in a chair with Callie and watched!!! It made me SO happy!!

He did a MUCH better job than I did (for sure!) And Jacob was sure to tell him that "Mommy doesn't do a very good job mowing the lawn. It takes her a long time to start it, and me and Josiah always laugh." Hilarious -and true!!!
Callie sat in my lap and watched. She's not a fan of the loudness of the "nonny" - as she calls lawnmowers.

Jacob helped Daddy cut the grass (literally - do you see the scissors in his hands?)....

...and caught some bugs...

This is unbelievable. A few weeks ago, I noticed a birds nest being formed in the back of our house. Well, this past Sunday, I was out back and noticed 4 birds in the nest - but they were all dead. Seriously. Just laughing there - heads sort of hanging out of the nest. It totally grossed me out - and creeped me out. I looked again the next day and the next, and the birds were in exactly the same position. I didn't know what to do with it - figured I'd leave it for the new homeowners to figure out. I certainly wasn't going to touch it! So Friday morning, David's getting out the lawn stuff and I say "Perfect - you can deal with the nest with dead birds in it!" He goes around back and says "what are you talking about? they're alive?" Sure enough - all 4 birds looking around, chirping away, waiting for their mom to bring breakfast! it was unbelievable! David comes home and things come back to life!!! By the time I got my camera out here, 3 of the birds had flown away. This was the last little guy, and it took him another half a day to get up his courage to try and fly!

After he got the yard finished, David cleaned out the shed. He made a pile for the new owner with all the stuff we're leaving him (extra flooring, paint, etc), threw out some stuff, and then filled a couple boxes with stuff the movers won't take (paint thinner, spray paint, gas cans). I didn't think it was a good idea for me to have that stuff in my car where I could inhale those lovely fumes for the next 3 weeks!
After picking up Josiah from school, David spent the afternoon unloading our attic! Movers aren't allowed to go up into attics unless they have a permanent staircase to climb up (we just have those pull-down stairs). I was going to have to try and beg for help from our small group since I certainly couldn't bring all that stuff down! So David was able to do all that for me - what a relief! Our dining room and living room is now filled with all that stuff, but at least it's all down!!! I was able to go through and get rid of some stuff & fill some bags for goodwill, which felt very good!

Jacob & Callie especially loved seeing all the old baby toys again!!!

We went to dinner that night at Olive Garden to celebrate Daddy being home with us. Callie LOVED the salad - go figure! I've never had a 2 year old actually ASK for salad - shoot - my 4 & 6 year olds won't even eat it. But Callie and I loved it! :) (And notice she's in my lap? Poor girl - has been a total cling-on since David left. She's going to have to go through "mommy detox" once we get settled again!

Do these boys look happy or what?

Here's Callie in a lap again! At least it was David's this time - I got to actually eat part of my meal uninterrupted by children!!!

The happy family - all together again!!


Tiffany said...

How awesome Katy....and I love the Bird Story...too funny!

anthonyandbeth said...

the bird story is hilarious! good thing you didn't throw those little things out! :) love the family pix!! sounds like it was a very productive day. i'm SO glad he came home!

Courtney said...

wow! what a busy, but special day!!!

Heather J said...

wow, it's kinda surreal to see you packing boxes and knowing that I'll never again be in the Chesapeake Schrodt house - kinda sad!!!

The Stein Family said...

That tears me up, reading about Josiah in the morning...esp with Chris' 4-5mo deployment looming over us now. Clara's already starting to show the effects, that's so hard!

The Schaper Scene said...

Wow..I guess meter boxes are the perfect nesting place for robins. We have an empty nest up there this year, but we have had baby robins in it the last couple of years. I was able to get some pretty good pictures of them. Kylea wants to check the nest every time we go outside, but so eggs.

Jenn said...

Wow! What a busy day!! You guys are SO CLOSE to the end!! And your future busy days will be so fun in your NEW HOUSE!! YAY!! :)