Friday, May 1, 2009

The BEST kind of rest stop!

So we actually started our trip down to SC on Wednesday (April 29). We left after school, and decided that we'd be able to stop through Raleigh and visit Beth & her kids! I was trying to time our arrival in SC right so that David would be done with his choir and praise team rehearsals. You can imagine the mutiny I'd have on my hands if we arrived at the hotel only to tell the kids that Daddy couldn't come for 2 more hours! So it worked out GREAT! Beth let us drop in and play for a few hours and eat dinner before we got back on the road. The kids think these little "mini visits" are hilarious, and I love getting a little Beth fix on the way! The boys enjoyed getting to run around outside (with a ceramic cat...but that's for another story) and Callie thought Addison was just fantastic. She kept showing her things and "talking" to her....telling her all kinds of who knows what! It was great. Thanks for letting us drop in and disrupt life for a few hours Beth! You know you're my favorite kind of rest stop! :)

I only took this picture of our girls playing. Mostly because I was too selfish and didn't want to stop talking with Beth to take a picture! After all, our time was limited!
What is it with my kids and these crazy faces in pictures lately?

Addison is used to having her picture taken I think!

Our big...grown-up....supposedly anyways...boys.
Here's the 5 of them. We were missing Jackson, who was in Florida visiting Mimi and Papa at the time. I had told my boys, so they knew where he was. But CALLIE was the one bothered by it - for the first 10 minutes we were there, she kept looking for and calling for Jackson!!!
Oh - and isn't this the cutest picnic table? Beth got it for Jackson's birthday and I just love it. With the umbrella and everything! So cute!

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anthonyandbeth said...

what a fun little visit it was! i love how "normal" it feels when y'all pop in! :) like you're just around the corner or something! :) i LOL about the ceramic cat!!!! how funny was it when it was tied to the mailbox!

rest here anytime my friend, ANY time! :)