Saturday, May 9, 2009

"That's My Brother!"

I think I've mentioned on here before that this baby is the MOST active one yet - of all my pregnancies. I started feeling him move at 16 weeks along - and I mean REALLY move. Not just little flutters! And it's only intensified since then. Jacob really gets a kick out of this. Tonight he really felt him move and kick against his hand on my belly -and he could SEE my stomach moving around. Jacob kept saying "That's my brother!" Josiah didn't have any interest in feeling it - I think he was sort of creeped out by the whole thing. Cracks me up.


anthonyandbeth said...

so funny to hear how the boys are responding differently to the baby! hilarious! knowing how much Jacob loves to "touch" doesn't surprise me he would like seeing and feeling the movements! :)

oh Katy, the most active yet??? are you ready for this??? :)

Erica said...

Too cute! That little boy has such a gift of instant best friends! How Josiah will always call him his baby brother! How Jacob will feel like HE should teach him so much that he couldn't or wouldn't teach Callie. And, how Callie will be the feminine sweetness in the midst of it all. So exciting. And, if it is any consolation, Benjamin was my very very active baby in utero, and he is my calm collected child. Bradley barely moved (in fact he failed the movement tests on a regular basis) and he is my wild man. So, maybe this little guy is getting all of his wildness out right now :)

Heidi said...

That little guy is ready to come out!! It's funny how the others process the whole pregnancy thing.