Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Full Day

So after Callie had a nap this afternoon, we threw on our suits and headed up to the pool. The Y around the corner from us opened their pool up this weekend, so we headed out to cool off. We also discovered the one tick that came home with us from our hiking adventure this morning! :) It felt great to cool off and get in the water for a bit. We were able to enjoy the first watermelon of the season (I say "we", but Callie wouldn't touch it, and I don't like it...) and then cookies for dessert that the boys and I had made this afternoon. It was a full day of fun for sure.

I very much enjoyed the kids today. We had a great day together outside for most of it, and although it was tiring, everyone got along very well (a PLUS after yesterday!) I was thinking to myself how alot of years on Mother's Day, David will take the kids and do more of the "work" so that I can get a break. This year is obviously quite the opposite - I'm on my own this year. But it's been sort of nice to have the kids all to myself today too. And focus on how blessed I am that God has given me these three, unique, VERY different children to mother. I am so thankful for them. Thankful for all that He is teaching me through them. They are precious.

Anyone like any cookie with their sprinkles?


Courtney said...

good for you for embracing WHERE YOU ARE...insteading of feeling pity for being "alone" on mother's day - no one would fault you for that either :-) but you're many blessings! what a fun day you had ENJOYING your BLESSINGS!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

i second what Courtney said! :) they are precious and what a blessing to have a day spent together, full of fun and memories made. what a blessing for God to touch their little hearts and help them to be kind, loving, and obedient so you could ENJOY them even more! you're right, you ARE blessed! :)