Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Extra Schrodt for the Day!

We borrowed an extra boy for the day!! My friend Jessica just had her 2nd baby last week, so I told her I'd take her 3 year old for the day today. I know from experience how much of a help that is, so we were HAPPY to do it! (I can remember David going ON and ON about when Natalie took our boys for a day after we had had Callie. He thought it was the BEST - and I agree. )

Cody was probably pretty overwhelmed by the sheer volume of our family, but we had a good time. He got to come along with us to storytime at the library this morning, and then after we picked up Josiah from school we headed to Chuck E. Cheese!!! (The appraiser came today at noon to do the appraisal...what is it with these people ONLY wanting to schedule these things at NAPTIME!) I had been saving some coupons for Chuck E. Cheese to use at some point on a rainy day while David was gone...so today was the perfect opportunity.

It actually was probably our best experience. There were only a couple of other families there, and they only had toddlers too (because everyone else is still in school at noontime!) So we played and ate our pizza before heading home for naptime. It was a fun day!

Callie and Cody were hilarious on these race car games. They both LOVED it, but neither could even reach the pedals!

I caught these cheaters! Sitting up ON the game to get a closer shot at the baskets! Smart boys aren't they?
They were riding this little "roller coaster" game. they all loved it!

The roller coaster thing again...Josiah was being dramatic and pretending it was real :)

Yes, that's my kid at the top of the climbing tunnels thing. With her hands and face pressed against the glass, and I think her tongue is even out. Disgusting I know.

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anthonyandbeth said...

i bet Cody had a blast being a schrodt for the day! :) and i'm sure jessica appreciated the break too. :) looks like everyone had fun! :)