Monday, May 25, 2009

Just filling in!

Hello all!
Katy suggested that I blog on her behalf since she is without a computer for two weeks. So, here goes nothing.

Some have probably wondered about my perspectives on this whole move. Katy has already said most of what our faith journey has been. God truly has blessed us and he has been faithful! I knew from the day we were told that the Kinetic service was cancelled that God was going to do something great. It truly was a peace that passes understanding. Sometimes we try to do too much on our own and leave God out of the picture. I think this was a time when we knew there wasn't much we could do in our own power, so we just said, "okay God, we're trusting you!" After all, his power is made perfect through our weakness.

It has been an awesome time for me getting to know the people down here at Northside Baptist, although it has been hard without Katy and the kids here. Thankfully we have just about made it to the end of our time apart. I am very thankful for an amazing wife! I am constantly in awe of how strong she is, both emotionally and spiritually. There are many times I wish I could've been there for her, but she has continued to pull through. Thanks to all who have been a big help to her. There have been times that she has stressed about asking for help (expecially with the kids), but you all have truly been a blessing to both of us!

As for the logistics, tomorrow the house gets cleaned out and everything put on the truck. On Wednesday Katy will close on our house, and Friday I close on our new house! Saturday morning the truck will start unloading and my job of getting the house in order will begin! (BTW . . . I'm always the one who wants everything in its place right away. When Katy comes a week later, I'll probably even have all of the pictures up!) I'm sure glad that bachelor life is coming to an end.

That's all for now. I'm about to run to a friend's house for Memorial Day. They are actually taking me to a "famous" BBQ restaurant. I don't know . . . IMO nothing beats Memphis BBQ!


The Stein Family said...

You can't rule out Carolia BBQ until you've had it had Maurice's (Bessingers) there in Columbia -- Enjoy!

Courtney said...

hey david!! good job on your first post! :-) you guys are ALMOST there!

Heather J said...

Good job 'filling in' David! So glad y'all will be reunited very soon!!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

you're doing a great job keeping up filled in! won't be long and you'll all be together. i told Katy last night that hopefully you'll have the WHOLE house unpacked for her when she arrives. :)

and, i told her that she needs to let you send her for a pregnancy massage and a pedicure once you're settled in SC. i know her muscles must be tense and she could use some relaxation...don't you think! :) maybe you can encourage her to go! :)