Friday, May 1, 2009

David's First Pastoral Award

After looking at houses on Thursday morning, we left our realtor for a couple hours as he put together our offer and got the information from the mortgage guy. We ran over to church to be at a staff appreciation luncheon that was going on. It was hilarious and lots of fun. All of the pastors were given "superlative" awards, and David's award was "Best "Boy Band" Member". They continue to tease him about his days with Brother's Keeper, his dance moves, etc. It was a riot. They even showed his music video that they made 10 years ago - called "I Saw Heaven". They must have gotten it from You Tube or something. David's hair was really long (longer than mine, and pulled back in a ponytail). Hilarious.

After lunch, we were broken into teams and had to design a hole for miniature golf and then had a little "playoff". It was just lots of fun. They are SUCH a great team of people - David is so enjoying being a part of it and is LOVING serving alongside of them!

Scott is the executive pastor, and is the one giving David the award. Rocky is the senior pastor and is the one cracking up on the left. David's showing off some of his best moves here! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

i love it! i love how you say they are just a fun group of people and REAL!!! i love getting a glimpse into what it's like for David in SC b/c we both know what i envision is hardly EVER right! :)

The Stein Family said...

So good to hear that David's making the transition know that I'm going to have to head to youtube now in search of that video!