Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Good News and the Bad News

The Good News First:
The hamsters have been found!! A few weeks ago, Jacob and Callie were playing for a LOOOOONG time with the hamsters. They had taken one of my tupperware containers for a cage, shredded green construction paper for food, etc. Then the next day when Jacob was at school, they disappeared. I knew Callie had probably put them somewhere while she was playing, but she couldn't remember and I had no idea. Jacob was VERY sad - asked for DAYS if I had found them. Even called David at work one day about it :). Well, yesterday I found them!!! She had put them beside our old TV in the playroom - it's in an armoire, and she had put them beside the TV all the way in the back of the armoire. Jacob was SOO excited! (That's his leg in the picture - they didn't leave his side yesterday after they were found!)

And now for the bad news:
My new Garmin is not a miracle worker. I didn't suddenly run 2 minutes faster per mile and feel as though I was flying. Bummer. Loved wearing it though. I'm telling myself that my run today felt hard (it was only 4 - totally should NOT have been that hard) because I had really pushed myself yesterday when I ran 6 miles and I DID run 2 minutes faster (overall...doesn't sound like much I know, but if you are a runner, you KNOW!). :) Oh well - I was glad at least I figured out how to charge it and turn it on for my run this morning. David can figure out all the other stuff for me later. :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

well, i was going to say. if your watch was a miracle worker i DEF would want to trade mine in for a new model. :) glad you have one! you will LOVE it!