Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthday Morning Fun!

A very sleepy girl came downstairs on Saturday morning and sat in my lap. The last thing Callie had said to me before going to sleep last night was "when I wake up in the morning, I'm going to be 4!!" She was excited - and I was excited about the fun we had in store for us! :)
We started out the morning with breakfast donuts - of course!!

Then we headed to Home Depot for one of their building workshops. We love these! :)
The project this time was a little garden planter!
All the boys at one work table...

Josiah loves that he does it completely - 100% on his own! :) It's a good thing to be able to read and follow instructions!!
Caleb liked banging on the table :)
The finished projects! The older three chose different seeds to plant (fingers crossed - you know how terrible I am at planting things...) and I put some flowers in Caleb's...since he doesn't care about watching seeds grow :) At least we've got something pretty for now!

We headed home so I could finish getting the last preparations for Callie's party ready...and I had company coming! Beth & Addison were coming to join us for the weekend! Anthony stayed home with his boys so they wouldn't miss their games, so we were looking forward to the girls' arrival before Callie's party started. Lots of fun ahead!

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anthonyandbeth said...

Looks like a super fun birthday morning! Birthday doughnuts always bring big smiles :-)