Monday, March 14, 2011

The a nutshell

Friday: Good day. Pretty relaxing actually. My neighbor watched the younger two for me so that I David and I could go for a good long run together! Such a fun treat -wish we could do that more often. Makes me REALLY miss the Y that we had in Virginia! :( The weather was gorgeous - we grilled tilapia for dinner and it felt like maybe spring really is here!

Saturday: Busy day, but lots of fun things! David was up and gone EARLY for his men's biblestudy that meets once a month. The kids and I started our morning off at Krispy Kreme to use up the last of our free donut coupons (they expire on 3/15 - yummy! Then we headed up to church for the Upward soccer evaluations...where THREE of my kids were participating! Yep, Callie is playing soccer this season! She was SO excited - I think mostly because she's always watched the boys and now she's old enough. I still think she's going to prefer cheering/dance - that's what she talks about more - but she's excited for this season. And super excited about getting a snack and her own water bottle for the games :). She did great with the drills - I didn't know if she'd have a clue but she did! :) Daddy was manning one of the drills, so we said hey to him real quick before he ran back to chuch to sing for a funeral. We then headed to Lowe's for a another building workshop...which we missed. Everything on the internet said it started at 10 am, but when we got there, the lady said that "our store does it at 9 am...despite what the internet says". Okay. But she gave us the kits and we happily headed home to build them there. It's easier with caleb that way anyways! Built our projects, had lunch, got little ones down for naps, i cleaned up the house and got ready for my house party!! :)
I was selected a few months ago to host a House Party for Philadelphia Cooking Creme - they sent me a party pack with freebies for me (a new skillet and an oven mitt) and freebies for any guests that came to my party! So a friend of mine and I hosted this party together - gave out the coupons that Kraft sent us and we all enjoyed tasting 2 new recipes with this new product! It was a fun excuse for the girls to get together and taste some yummy food!
Sunday: I was NOT happy about waking up early and in the dark, but I'm sure no one else was either. It's always so hard that it happens on SUNDAY mornings too - which are always early and long days or us anyways!!! All the kids except Josiah got to wear their jammies to church - our preschool ministry has pajama day on time change sunday - the kids thought it was hilarious and SO much fun. I'll admit - I was jealous!
Monday: Found out that I will be picking up a nice sized check tomorrow from my consignment sale - I sold almost everything and will have a little money to buy the rest of the things we'll need for spring/ 2 pairs of soccer cleats! :) Had lunch with Jacob and his class and then spent the rest of the day doing laundry and cleaning the house. Nothing too thrilling or catastrophic - but I did get one of my blog books in the mail! The funny thing is that it's 2010 Volume 2 - don't know why that came before Volume 1, but whatever. i'm excited to sit and look through some point! :)
So there you have it - nothing all that exciting, but a good, full weekend. spring is definitey feeling like it's here. Everyone's healthy. SO thankful for that. Happy Monday!!

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Courtney said...

your friday sounded so perfect! :-)

and can't wAIT to "see" callie playing soccer!