Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Think It's Broken...

If FEET things weird you out, then you're going to want to skip this one. And you're going to have to look past my "in need of a pedicure but too cheap to pay for them" feet. But I think i broke my pinky toe last night. I was carrying a mountain of laundry downstairs to fold and I smashed my toe into the doorframe of the bathroom. It hurt immediately (of course), but it hurts even worse this morning. And it's swollen and bruised. David says they can't do anything for a broken toe so I just have to wait it out. I didn't go run this morning - annoying - and am wondering how long I'll have to wait before I can go run. Hoping it feels better soon - this is NOT fun!

It's the short, stubby, swollen one at the end :)
Can you see the bruising?

Doesn't look quite right does it?


sandi said...

as someone who has broken 6 out of ten toes (did you know that?) over the years (some from teaching diving/swimming at summer camps and coming perilously close to the diving board and others from being slightly clumsy) i know there is nothing you can do. but it is painful so i feel your pain.

if you have pop (haha - i actually typed poop first and had to remove an "O") popsicle sticks you can break one down small and use that as a splint and tape it to the next toe.

take it easy today and sit back with some sweet tea, a good book and your feet propped up... you deserve it. plus you actually have an excuse!

Courtney said...

oh, katy! i'm so sorry!!!! and i KNOW you are hating not being able to run! how long do broken toes take to heal??

anthonyandbeth said...

this makes me so sad for you! i'm sorry!