Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grand Prix Results!

I had some SUPER excited boys at my house on Wednesday night! David was so bummed he wasn't going to get to see it, but he can't very well ditch his own choir rehearsal! :) The boys did think it was funny that I was skipping though! :)
One funny sidenote: the kids get to name their cars. Jacob picked the name "Sharky" long ago. Original! Josiah said he was going to name his "Chocolate Bar". I tried to convince him to go with something a little funnier, like "Just One Bite, Mom?" or "I'm Hungry Mom!" but he wouldn't go for it. Said it would be too embarrassing! :)

Josiah immediately found his place at the starting line to get ready and watch. Jacob started on my lap but quickly joined his brother :)
Each car got to race 4 different times so they had a chance from each lane. Their times were calculated from their 4 runs and placement determined by that. As a mom, I was hopefully that each of the boys would at least win ONE of their races - and they each did! :) The first time the boys' cars raced, they were racing against each other!!!
Watching the finish line - (I don't know what setting my camera was on...alot of these are blurry...sorry! :( )
Here's Jacob watching another one of his races. His feet are NOT on the floor -he was jumping up and down he was SO excited! :) He watched Josiah race last year, but this is his first year of Sparks, so it was his first time...and he LOVED it!
Waiting patiently during the award ceremony. We had a long talk before we got there about our attitude and how this was all for fun. There were some kids in tears during the night when their cars didn't win, etc - but thankfully my boys had great attitudes and handled their winning and losing well!! Whew!
All the racers...patiently waiting :)
Here are the Sparks winners for Best Design - Josiah won 3rd place!!! :)
Here are the Sparks winners for Speed - Jacob won 1st place!!! The boy was BEAMING!!!! The design awards were announced first and when jacob's name wasn't called, he got really quiet and I knew he was disappointed. So when the called his name for Speed, his face absolutely lit up!!! They also said he had the fastest car of the night from any division (Sparks, TNT, or the Leaders category!). Go figure!
I was so proud of them. They worked hard on their cars, but more than that, they had a great attitude through it all!!

Everyone gets a blue ribbon for participating...
"One more picture in front of the track, Mom!" They were DYING to go bust in David's rehearsal to show him!! :)

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