Sunday, March 27, 2011

Andrew & Angie's Commissioning Service

Sunday ended with a sweet, emotional commissioning service for two of our own - Andrew and Angie. They leave on Tuesday with their 10-week old baby girl for Haiti to live and serve as full-time missionaries. Angie played keyboards for David in the praise band and led worship in his absence several times. Andrew & Angie were engaged when we moved here, and married in July 2009. A precious young couple with heart to love and serve the Lord - and a calling to missions. They weren't sure exactly when or where, but knew God had something in store for them.
She opened the service with a few beautiful songs of worship to the Lord - she sings from pure heart with a beautiful voice. Her spirit is just so so sweet. She and Andrew shared their story - how God laid different things on their hearts (he loved Alaska, she loved India) and then all of a sudden through a total God-thing, Haiti landed square on top of them!
They will be partnering with Hands and Feet - an orphanage and ministry started by the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline. David brought AA in for a concert last spring and Andrew & Angie talked with them for a little while afterwards....and the rest is history!!
Our pastor of Missions & Evangelishm, Steve Allen, gave a wonderful charge both to Andrew & Angie, and also to us as a church body. Very encouraging and also overwhelming to know the responsibility that we have to support and pray for this sweet couple that has given so much to be obedient to God's call.
Pastor Steve invited anyone who wanted to come and surround Andrew & Angie as we prayed... can see the response was overwhelming!
We then had a Baby Dedication service. Their daughter, Faith Elizabeth, was born January 15. As in 10 weeks ago!!! And they are moving to a third world country...because God told them to! Is that not FAITH or what!!!

Angie closed with one more song...frankly I don't know how she could sing anything with all the emotion from evening, but she did beautifully!
We had a reception in the fellowship hall afterwards and I gave her one more hug! We LOVE you guys and are supporting and praying for you! We know that God has GREAT things in store as you serve Him obediently!!!

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