Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Callie - oh my. That girl just totally cracks me up. She's just a few weeks away from turning 4, and boy does she make me laugh! She absolutely LOVES looking at pictures, and so she has been fixated on looking at last year's blog book since it came in the mail! The funny thing is that as she looks at it, she comments about the clothes she's wearing in all the pictures!! "Remember that dress mommy?" "When can I wear that shirt again Mommy?" "Did we give that dress to Addison?" It's a riot. She's also been playing with her babies all week again - their names are Addison and Ella. She tells me that she's the mommy, and so she insists on me calling her Miss Katy! :) Yesterday morning we were taking a walk with Caleb and I had to call David to ask him something really quick and when I hung up the phone, Callie said that she had to call the babies' daddy too. His name is Mr. David and he does his work and sings. :) I love that girl!


sandi said...

you will have to let me know her 4 year stats so we can compare them to morgan's 3 year stats... i think they are going to be close!

Courtney said...

too cute!