Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was getting out my phone this morning and Callie immediately said "I have to call Tutu and tell her I know how to spell my name!" So I dialed the number for her and she took over. That girl LOVES the phone! (Then Caleb wanted in on the action too, so he was pretending with David's phone).
She's hilarious when she talks to my mom, because she just takes the phone and walks away. She'll walk all over the house (I'm sure imitating how she sees me when I'm on the phone). You don't have to prompt her, give her things to say - she is in constant conversation! :)
And in case you needed to know the different between boys and girls, here's one more. The boys have been all about their Star Wars action figures again (probably because they just saw the movie at David's office - remember the marathon long Sunday?). So these little characters are all over my house again. Callie lined them up on the table this morning - in circle - and then started singing "Holding hands, holding hands, we're all holding hands". :) I'm pretty sure that's not how the boys play with them! :)

And this post will serve as her official "before" pictures. We're going to get her hair cut today!!! She said she wants it short!


Judy said...

She is too cute!
And McKenna does that exact same thing with the phone...takes it and walks off. I always wonder if the person on the other end really gets whats she's saying, but it's usually just my mom or my sister or maybe one the cousins.

anthonyandbeth said...

star wars characters all holding!!! love her!