Saturday, March 19, 2011

LOVE days like these!

Here's our original table (we moved it into the dining room for now until we can get rid of it). It's been our kitchen table for about 10 years - and we got it out of the trash!! David's mom had given us a smaller version of this with white legs when we first got married. Had 4 little chairs - it was great. Then when we moved to our little condo in Virginia, our neighbors were throwing this table out in their trash and we rescued it! It had a butterfly leaf inside it that would extend the table to seat 6 - that's SO much room (or so we thought back then!) :) I always intended to repaint the legs white to match our chairs, but never got around to it. It's been just fine....but it's been quite loved on through the years...and through the children, so we've been looking around.

Finally got a NEW kitchen table yesterday! Totally LOVE it! It seats 6 as it is but extends (love those butterfly leaf things!) to seat 8 when it becomes a square table. Came with 8 chairs (David still has to put together the other 2). Solid wood - nice and heavy - and hopefully will hold up well to all of our "love".

We spent the morning at the zoo and then left around noon (when it started getting crowded and hot!). Had a great morning with my precious family. Came home for lunch and rest time. The boys and I worked on their Star Wars puzzles that they got in their stockings and have decided to glue it together so they can hang it in their rooms.

I am officially all caught up on my blog now (got all of January and February done) and that feels GREAT! Caleb is still taking a nap, we have NO where to go tonight - I may go sit in my chair and read for a little bit. Ahhhh - I LOVE days like this! :)


the mccollums... said...

LOVE LOVE this new table and chairs...we would LOVE to get something similar, but, have other things that demand our money and attention these days. Love yours, though. Funny story: when we moved back from Malawi and into this house this past summer, we couldn't find our table legs ANYWHERE for like 3 weeks. So we happily searched Ikea for a table and chairs that we wanted to go buy. On the morning that we planned to go make our big purchase we FOUND our table legs inside a big plastic moving bin..we were so happy to not dish out some major money, but disappoited because we really loathe our dated kitchen table/chairs. Oh well, maybe one day. :)

sandi said...

i think my children added some of the "love" to that former table! the new table is beautiful! hope it stays that way for years to come.

Courtney said...

LOVE your new table!!! it's beautiful!