Saturday, March 5, 2011

YES Day!

These first few pictures are actually from last night. The boys headed off to school with David last night to watch a "Movie Under the Stars". The PTA does this a few times a year and so they were all very excited to go (and I was excited to have a few uninterrupted hours to work on my blog!). But with rain forecasted for SOMETIME, they moved the movie inside at the last minute. David said the kids - all the kids - were bouncing off the walls!

With the last minute move to inside, something happened with the audio and they couldn't ever get the sound to work on the movie. So it was cancelled and everyone went home. The boys (specifically Josiah) were disappointed, but okay to have movie night with Dad at home (and they getting to eat the special snacks I had packed for them helped!) :)
Then this morning - on our first FREE Saturday in a long while, I slept in - didn't get out of my bed until 8:30 am. I had to force myself to go back to sleep probably 10 times, but it was great! I finally got up and was welcomed by the boys who said it was "Yes" day! We had talked about this several weeks ago - they saw a book at the Book Fair at school about a boy who wanted to make it "yes" day - where the answer was always yes. So today was the day! They were pretty excited. They went with David to Krispy Kreme to use up some of our free donut coupons while I went for an 8 mile run. Ahhh. Felt great. I got home and they still weren't home. When I called David to see where they were, he said "we're leaving Home Depot now!"

He took them all to a building workshop there this morning! (Callie went too, she just had already run upstairs to put her princess costume back on and didn't want to come down for the picture). The kids LOVE these workshops and were excited about it!
Doesn't he totally look like an employee? He was so cute!
Nothing too monumental the rest of the day. I spent a LOT of it working on gettnig my stuff ready for the children's consignment sale. Picked up my barcodes, replaced batteries, folded onesies :). This will be the first time that I've consigned since moving here, so I'm excited to see how I do. I LOVED the sale in VA and am hoping to have success with this one too!
Big day tomorrow - church in the morning, then I have a VBS Leadership meeting after church (David will take the kids home), then I've got to channel the inner teacher in me to create a bulletin board sort of thing in the hallway for my kids choirs. I want all of them to memorize 4 verses that pertain to our music, so I'm creating an ocean kind of thing to put all our names on. And then kids choir rehearsal. So staying up past midnight before a day like that isn't a great idea, but I'll have to pray for some extra strength tomorrow I suppose! Good thing today was sort of a relaxing kind of Saturday! Good night! :)


anthonyandbeth said...! Caleb is the most adorable little guy ever! I'm glad y'all had such a fun saturday and it could be a day filled with yes's. ;) hope sunday went well too!

The Stein Family said...

Our consignment sale is this far so good! It's great to get rid of the baby stuff/girl stuff as the kids out grow it all!