Friday, March 18, 2011

Do-Over Day

A few weeks ago, I made one of those HORRIBLE parent mistakes. I totally forgot about something I was supposed to do in Jacob's class. I'm the room mom for his class, and every month all the teachers have a duty-free day. What that means is that parents come and watch their class at lunch and recess while all the teachers of that grade get to have lunch together. In February, the duty free day for kindergarten fell on a Friday so I said that David and I would cover that day - knowing how excited Jacob would be to have Daddy there (since it's his day off anyways). I was totally aware of it all week long, had told Jacob how excited we were - even remembered that morning. But at some point that morning, it totally left my brain and I completely forgot! It was the day that my Mom was coming in the afternoon to stay the weekend, and I think I got caught up in preparations for her that I totally blanked on everything else. I felt SO bad when I realized it (which wasn't until 3 days later on Monday morning!) I apologized to his teachers and they said it was not a big deal - another class had some extra parents that covered our class so it all worked out. But Jacob has NOT let me forget about it. He mentions it every now and then - not in a whiny way or sad way or even mad way - just very matter-of-factly that we forgot about it!

Well, I asked his teacher if we could just have a do-over day and take over lunch and recess today even though it wasn't an official duty-free day. She (of course!) said that would be fine and so we met Jacob and his class for lunch today! :) They were all SUPER excited!

Part of the BIG deal about these duty free days is that the kindergarten gets to go out on the BIG playground - normally they have a separate playground that's only for them - but on these duty-free days, they get to go to the big one. And since it was only OUR class doing a duty-free day, it was only our class on the playground (instead of all 6 or 7 classes together!) They were loving it!
Ever seen kindergarteners play volleyball? It's pretty funny! :0
Caleb fell at some point and scraped up his nose (again). Poor guy. The little ladies came over to escort him back to Daddy and he was happy to oblige!
Callie was happy to ring the bell for the kids to line up :)

Lots of fun - and we made it to Friday! My toe is better, although still an odd size and an odd color. It feels okay when I'm barefoot, but after I've worn shoes for a bit, my toe definitely hurts more. I'm not going to try and run on it until at least next week, and we'll just have to see how it feels. I picked up my new running shoes this week and it's like torture to look at them and now I can't go USE them yet!

We bought a new table today - yippee! I know it's going to make me really want to replace my floors next, but one step at a time! AND we're going out tonight - David's got a sound engineer in town for an interview so we get to take him out to dinner tonight at Outback - yum yum!!!

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