Saturday, March 26, 2011

Food from the Heart

We grabbed lunch after the symphony was over an the left to drive back home. We stopped at home just long enough to grab some sweatshirts for us (it was rainy and COLD) and then headed to a Food Lion here in town to man our shift. Our church has partnered with Harvest Hope Food Bank for the last several years in conducting the largest food drive in the Midlands. We station volunteers at participating grocery stores all across the city and ask people to purchase a few extra things to donate to the food bank.

So we got out of our car and straight to work! We were teamed up with a sweet family that we are friends with and had a ball! Callie & Carlie are great friends and were very entertaining to everyone for sure! :) I'm not sure how much help they were.... David was at the other entrance to the store with our older boys and a few from the other family. He kept sending me texts saying "i'm collecting more than you!". I politely reminded him it was not about us! :) Seriously though, it was definitely hard for me. I don't love to talk to strangers. Certainly not ask them something when I know they'd rather me not. But this was about stepping outside of my safe little box comfort zone and actively engage our whole family - all 6 of us - for 3 hours in order to serve our community. If we can stand out there with 4 little kids, then anyone can! We later found out at church that we collected more food than in any previous year - 61 tons of food!!! You see - every litte bit does help!! All those people that just picked up one extra box of cereal or one extra can - it all adds up!!!

We finally headed home to get kids fed and in bed....and I started work on cooking a taco lunch for 100 VBS volunteers after church the next day! :)

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