Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Her New Do!

This was as much of a picture I could get of her! She was very busy looking at "the calendar", but at least you can sort of see!!! It's cut right at her shoulders, and they did put some long layers in there to help it shape a bit more. I think it's adorable. She LOVES headbands or wearing it just down, so I think this will help keep her from looking like a vagabond.

She totally loves it - she's been all about long hair until a few weeks ago and then started saying she wanted it short. She told the hairdresser that it's perfect and she matches me now, so I think that may have been some of it. She is SO all about playing mommy (of course, she calls herself Mrs. Katy when she is being the mommy), so I guess this was part of it too.

When we left to run our errands, she had her pink toy cell phone in her pocket because Miss Codee, one of her teachers at church, has a pink cell phone. And then as I'd drive down the road, she'd start singing something and it was her "ring tone". She'd dig her phone out and start talking to whomever it was! :) So hilarious that girl is!!


the mccollums... said...

LOVE cute! I love her color!

anthonyandbeth said...

what a sweet, sweet girl! i LOVE the new do!

sandi said...

very cute do! call me sometime callie!

Courtney said...