Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a Happy Wednesday indeed!

* Ran this morning for the first time since breaking my toe! Had intended to try yesterday but am still having a hard time wanting to get out of bed when it's SO dark in the mornings! Went today since David goes into work a bit later on Wednesdays and it felt really good! My toe felt a little weird when i ran on uneven surfaces, but overall it felt good! I LOVE my new running shoes. And my Garmin watch (that David got me for my birthday) should be in next week! Hooray!

* Great shopping trip at Publix today. Spent $50 and saved $100! Love it! Included 8 boxes of Weight Watchers ice cream bars that I got for $1.49/box (instead of $4.99/box). David will be SUPER excited about that! He informed me a few weeks ago (did I blog this part already?) that I hadn't bought any ice cream since January. I totally laughed out loud and asked him if he was keeping track! The man LOVES ice cream - but he's right - I haven't bought any other than 1 carton for the superbowl (it had caramel filled footballs - i couldn't resist!). i told him to quit whining - we don't need it!! then two days later after he ran for the first time in a little while, he said "you know, even though I haven't been running as much, I still fit in my "skinny" jeans." I told him that was because I haven't been buying ice cream!! :)

* Got a few more recruits signed up to volunteer with VBS (interested? sign up at the church website!). If we get 100 volunteers signed up by Sunday, we get to show a video that we taped yesterday of our whole pastoral staff doing the dance moves to our VBS theme song! Talk about hilarious!!!

* Tonight is the AWANA Grand Prix! I have 2 very excited boys!!! It was supposed to be last Saturday but was pushed back to tonight because our children's pastor had a death in the family. I'm skipping choir practice to cheer my boys and their cars on!!!

* Got Volume 1 of my 2010 blog book in the mail today! Hooray!!! AND they are reprinting and shipping Volume 2 to me (after quite a bit of haggling). The book they printed initially did not include December 31 - the book ended after Dec. 30. HELLO! Gotta have that last day in there too! :)

So it's been good!! :)

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Courtney said...

yay for a GARMIN! you are going to LOVE it!!!