Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shopping Day!

Thursdays are always busy days for me - I start the morning off with biblestudy with a group of amazing ladies. We have gotten SO much out of this study - Believing God. It's hard. It's not easy one that you can just quickly fill in blanks. But it is life-changing. And is so worth it. It was a great morning. Then I hurry to pick up Callie and Caleb from the church down the street that watches them in their mother's morning out program during biblestudy and get them home, fed, and in bed. I teach a piano lesson at 1 pm for a friend that used to sing in the choir with me. Then I have a little break (now) before picking up the boys and an extra to take to karate (it's my day to drive the carpool - on tuesdays the other mom drives). But this afternoon, when I get home from karate, I get to head to the children's consignment sale and shop!!! SO excited! I dropped off all MY stuff that I'm selling on Monday, and when I checked online this morning, I've already made $50 from what sold last night to the volunteers! Consignors get to shop tonight, and then it opens to the public on Friday. Yippee! Hoping to find some good things for Callie specifically - maybe Josiah too but he's getting harder and harder as he gets older. And soccer cleats for a few of mine that have outgrown them. So I'm excited! :) Love shopping day! Hoping to get some great deals!

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sandi said...

see... if you still lived here you could have sam's hand-me-down soccer cleats. i've tagged my stuff except toys (over 110 items so far). have fun shopping ~ i am shopping next wednesday morning since i have my piano lesson wednesday evening. love working with paula since she is flexible!