Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday AM

it was crazy. just totally nuts. was loading my van with 3 crockpots of taco meat (15 lbs worth!), 5 batches of cornbread, and all the necessary accessories for a taco lunch for 100 people! We had our VBS kickoff lunch after church and it was a GREAT success! We're excited to continue to spread the excitement about the Big Apple Adventure! We weren't going to be able to go home because I had a 4 pm meeting that afternoon with the people who were going to be in charge of my set design for the kids musical. My VBS meeting was over at 2 pm, we put Caleb down for a nap in the pack & play in David's office. He left to make some visits and the other kids watched a video on David's secretary's computer. :) I worked on some children's choir things and then had my set design meeting. I'm SO not creative -glad other people are!!! It was a long day - Sundays always are - but this one was particularly full. Lots of good, fun things, but still quite busy.

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