Friday, March 12, 2010

Time to get ready for The Rehearsal!!

Not sure about that happy face....made me worried about the REAL wedding pictures...but here's Callie and her honey bunny (David calls her this, and ONLY he is allowed to call her that...she emphatically will tell anyone else that they are NOT her honeybunny...only daddy is!)
Matthew and Callie practiced going down the aisle a few times...

My boys were AMAZED at Luke's DS!

Mary was the guest book attendant, so she was surveying her "spot" where she was going to be on duty the next day!
The only two granddaughters - Mary and Callie. Mary was putting some lip gloss on Callie :) I think since they both have three brothers, they have a special bond!
Our Gramma Joan, and her daughter Mary Jo, flew in from California to be here for the wedding. This was so special to have her there - her husband Keith (my grandfather) passed away in November, so we were especially appreciative of Joan making the long trip to be there for Kristen!

Here's all Mom's grandkids - all the cousins!!! Mom bought all the boys their polo shirts - all the same colors, but different patterns - and then sent the girls money for their outfits. We were all excited about this picture!!!

Here's their "silly" one.
The Roads Family
Joseph, Scott, and Kelli
The Schrodt Family
Jacob, Josiah
Callie, David, Caleb, Katy
The Oates Family
Kimberly, Luke, Mary, Matthew, David


Andrea said...

LOVE the matching pictures! The kids look so cute! You have been in my thoughts all weekend...Justin is running his first marathon tomorrow and I keep referencing your previous blogs on races. I made him wear his 'outfit' on a run earlier this week because I remembered you saying something about not wearing brand new clothes. Then today I took lots of pics at the packet pick up expo. I hope I'm as good as you at finding him throughout the run! Looks like you guys had a blast one your FL trip. I love all the pics of the 4 of you sisters....SO cute.

Judy said...

I love the matching outfits and the family pictures are great.

Courtney said...

awesome pictures!!!

Vonda said...

Great pictures of your families! And I love all the matching outfits too!