Monday, March 8, 2010

one of THOSE weekends

it started off great. we had a saturday morning at home for the first time in a few months (we're in between sports - basketball just finished and soccer hasn't started yet). so we were able to go about the morning very leisurely. it was nice. then it became one of THOSE weekends. you know the kind. The kind where you have a few things that you HAVE to be at....and they happen to be scheduled exactly at NAP time for 3 of your kids.....and because it's TWO days in a row, you just know that Monday is going to be awful.

It wasn't bad stuff, but the timing just complicates things, you know? Josiah had his AWANA grand prix on Saturday at 1 pm. It was SO fun, but right at naptime. Sigh. Josiah had a total blast, and his car won 3rd place for Speed & 3rd place for Design!! So exciting. Callie was going bananas by the end of it (it was 3 pm!!!) and about fell off the upstairs walking track down onto the gym floor....but that's another story. We had a sweet family over for dinner on Saturday night (they have 4 boys around our kids' ages) - again SO fun, but meant bed time was delayed for a bit.

Sunday is always a full day for our family, and we had a few extras - a VBS meeting immediately after church until 2:15 pm, and then a special worship service that night at 5:30 with communion. The kids and I were able to come home between the two so Caleb got one decent nap before heading back. Josiah and Jacob sat with me in the service - and Jacob did his very best to sit still and quietly but we eventually had to move up to the balcony (I decided to move when Pastor Rocky was reading a passage of scripture and rhetorically said "do you know what that means?" and jacob answered in his squeaky voice "no". I could have died). He's only 5 I kept reminding myself, and he's learning. But a stressful service for me.

So today has indeed been rough. I''m blowing my nose like a crazy person so I'm probably not at full strength either. Callie is just driving me nuts these days. She'll be 3 in two months and I KNOW from past experience that this is just what happens - 3 is definitely 100x worse than 2 - so it's just a tiring phase. No nap for her today (even though she was in DESPERATE need of one), so we're just glad to have made it through the day in one piece.

I'm going to go read with Josiah and Caleb and then they'll all be in bed. Glad tomorrow is a new day! Sorry for the whining - David's out doing some visits tonight so I had to vent to someone!!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

love you and praying tomorrow will feel like a completely NEW day!